Employees learn about the Hazard Communication Standard, including elements from both pre- and post- Global Harmonization System (GHS). Shipping labels must identify hazardous chemicals in accordance with the new GHS and the six types of information required on all shipping labels are explained in detail. Special attention is paid to signal words, the nine pictograms and hazard statements. This Video On Demand provides details about the meanings of labels for workplace or secondary containers, used when bulk materials are transferred to smaller containers, and how they differ from shipping labels. Viewers learn the dos and don’ts of relabeling containers of hazardous chemicals. They also learn how Material Safety Data Sheets are being replaced with Safety Data Sheets (SDS). The new SDSs contain 16 sections of information on each hazardous chemical and relate directly to the GHS labels.

By transforming the workplace right-to-know communication to a right-to-understand communication model, the GHS labeling standard helps keep workers safe, but only if they are adequately trained to understand the information being presented. Use this training to help achieve that goal.