Because customer service is the face of most businesses, well-trained customer service employees can be a company’s greatest asset. This step-by-step training video shows workers simple communication techniques to help businesses retain customers and add new ones.

Starting with the rule, “people before paperwork,” workers learn the importance of putting customers and their needs ahead of tasks such as filing and answering cell phones.

The rules, “don’t rush callers,” “be friendly before you know who it is,” and “don’t be too busy to be nice,” show workers the value of treating customer calls like those of friends and family. By treating a caller like a welcome guest rather than an annoyance, employees can form bonds with customers and boost business.

Along with guidelines of treating customers with respect and gratitude, the lesson, “don’t use military language on civilians,” shows workers how company jargon and acronyms can confuse and alienate customers.

And the, “be personally accountable don’t pass the buck,” lesson shows workers the importance of personal accountability and responsibility and how those traits reflect on a business. Workers see how owning and addressing a potential problem can turn it to a company’s favor.

Together, these guidelines show workers how communication techniques they already know and use in daily conversation make them customer service dynamos.