Whether there are quotas to fill or deadlines to meet, employees always seem to be reminded that time is money. However, when employees rush they may cause an accident, damage valuable property, or injure themselves or someone else. It is not enough to get the job done, it must also be done safely. Safety should be everyone’s top priority and primary goal. This safety orientation training teaches employees about best safety practices, including personal protective equipment, accident prevention, and preparing for an emergency.

Before you even begin a task, no matter how mundane or routine, you must be mentally prepared to do so. Concentration is key, as giving the task your full attention reduces your likelihood of making a mistake and causing an accident. This course shows employees the importance of mental preparation when it comes to accident prevention. Beyond accident prevention, employees must be trained to reduce injuries when accidents do occur. This course shows employees how to reduce the chances of a serious injury with personal protective equipment (PPE).

Accidents and emergencies will never be fully eliminated and thus you must prepare for them. This orientation course helps guide employees to make safety their priority, and thus create a safer work environment for everyone.