Training Time: 12 to 22 minutes

Language(s): English, Spanish

Video Format: High Definition

Just about everything we do involves our shoulders, from reaching, lifting, or pushing/pulling, shoulders get a lot of use during the day. Because they are so frequently used you are putting your shoulders at risk for serious, and potentially permanent, injury. This course demonstrates safe work practices to help prevent you from causing damage to your shoulders. The course starts by covering the basic anatomy of the shoulder, risk factors, and ways to protect and strengthen them.

The shoulder is the most vulnerable joint in the body to injury, as like your back, you use it every day. Your shoulder could be at risk from a sudden, acute, injury, or a chronic, longstanding, injury resulting from continued misuse. All of your shoulder muscles, as well as the muscles of the upper back, must work together properly in order to prevent those injuries. There are several risk factors that make an injury more likely however, including improper positioning, excessive force, and repetition. While there may be times where you cannot avoid one or more of these risk factors, it is important for you to know how to protect your shoulders and minimize the damage they cause. Learn that information here.

What would happen if your shoulders didn’t work properly anymore? You may be unable to lift as much or reach as far and you would not be able to use your arms in the same way, potentially ever again. This is why understanding the risks your shoulders face, as well as how best to avoid or minimize them, is so important. Utilize the information presented in this training lesson and keep your shoulders healthy.