On a virtual team, communication is the most important components needed to keep your project on track. As the leader of a virtual team, successful communication starts with you. This training course covers three of the main challenges facing leaders of virtual teams: how to hold a successful meeting; how to resolve conflict, and how to coach across distances.

It is important to be able to successfully lead a virtual meeting, as they are a fundamental aspect of working across distances. Virtual meetings can be held via conference call, video chat, screen sharing service, or a combination of technologies, but regardless of the way the meeting is held, you need to ensure your team has the tools to be successful. This course gives tips for scheduling meetings, creating agendas, and selecting the right technology for the group and goals.

As a leader, you will invariably have to resolve conflicts between team members. Conflict is usually driven by miscommunication; this can quickly spiral out of control with virtual team members more so than individuals working in the same physical location. If left unchecked, conflict can easily interfere with productivity, so you will need to address it quickly. This course instructs you how to resolve conflicts among virtual team members, including how to incorporate the three C’s of conflict: cause; collaboration; and compromise. You are also taught how to best coach your team to foster results and improve its overall skillset. Utilize the materials provided in this training video and become the leader your virtual team needs you to be.


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