Understanding and being aware of the potential hazards in workplace is the essence of a job safety analysis (JSA). Management and employees have a shared duty of safety awareness and hazard recognition to help prevents worker injury. Viewers of this Video On Demand learn how to conduct a successful job safety analysis that is easy to understand, can be reviewed with employees, and can be included in a worker’s job description.

The video shows how to define the job task, describe job steps, identify job hazards and establish control measures to minimize the possibility of worker injury. Management learns to analyze jobs for hazards such as exposure, strain, fall, being caught in or by something, contacting something or striking or being struck by an object, and to design controls to protect from such hazards. Employees learn why they must participate in creating a JSA, review the JSA, understand and comply with JSAs.

Employees benefit from this video by understanding their important role in helping to devise and use JSAs and maintaining safety awareness throughout the day. This video provides a solid foundation for building a safe workplace through careful job safety analysis and maintaining awareness of safety.