Many different types of hazardous materials (HAZMATs) are used in businesses every day, and they play an important role in many manufacturing processes. If they are not handled carefully, however, HAZMATs can pose serious risks to the environment, property, and our health. They even can be used by terrorists in an attack. While these materials are undoubtedly dangerous, the risks associated with handling and shipping them can be controlled by following safe procedures spelled out by the U.S. Department of Transportation (the DOT). You will learn about these procedures in this DOT HAZMAT safety training.

Shipping most products follows a fairly standard process. Shipping HAZMATs, however, requires much more diligence in following proper procedures, as any deviation may prove disastrous to workers and the surrounding environment. This is why proper regulations need to be followed, specifically the Hazardous Materials Regulations the Federal government set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations. This course explores those regulations and related safety topics, including HAZMAT labeling, emergency response information, and procedures for shipping, receiving, and storing HAZMATs safely.

Additionally, even with the proper training, HAZMAT emergencies and exposure may still occur. This course shows you how to address these emergencies promptly and properly. While HAZMATs can pose serious, and potentially even deadly, risks, you must know how to mitigate and address those risks as demonstrated in this course.