Questions are important tools in problem solving, yet most people do not think about them, nor do they know how to ask them properly. Questions are all about seeking information; this training gives you seven different methods and types of questions, all of which are useful in solving customer service problems.

Effective and efficient question asking shows you are actively attempting to get to the customer’s real needs, as opposed to only skirting the issues they may have. Some of the techniques demonstrated in this course concern open and closed ended questions, as well as probing and leading questions. Each type is important for improving your customer service skills.

Without asking questions, a customer interaction would quickly prove fruitless and meaningless. You would not be able to fully understand the customer’s issues or what they may seek from you; in fact, you may make the situation worse by not giving the customer what they want because you operated on faulty assumptions. This is why proper question asking techniques are important in the world of customer service. Learn how to improve your questioning skills in this online training video, and by understanding how to implement these methods, your customer service skills will greatly improve.