Fitness and Wellness: The road to wellness can have many potholes. These potholes can be avoided so you can continue your wellness journey to reach success. This online training provides health and wellness measures you can take to have more energy, lose weight, become more immune to disease, and feel better overall.

This course starts by defining “negative lifestyle factors.” These factors include smoking, a bad diet, drugs, and alcohol. You are encouraged to make a list of your negative lifestyle factors and identify what you can do to replace them with positive habits. Working to improve yourself should happen gradually since it is harder to replace bad habits overnight. In this training, viewers learn how they can start to incorporate wellness into their lifestyle such as how to eat right, get enough exercise, and handle stress. Fitness and Wellness: viewers also learn about the effects of smoking, drugs, and alcohol and how to change those habits.

Being aware of your wellness struggles helps you develop a plan of attack for change. By using the information presented in this training, viewers can come up with their own plan so they can start to live a healthier, less stressful life.