Did you know you can contract a serious disease like hepatitis or HIV if you come into contact with another person’s blood? This training focuses on the precautions to be taken to prevent exposures to bloodborne pathogens. Contracting an illness from a bloodborne pathogen is easily prevented by following some common precautions.

This training video provides an explanation of the types of bloodborne pathogens, many of which do not have vaccines to prevent a person from contracting them. OSHA training is required in all work places, and this course provides an overview of such requirements. Encountering any blood or bodily fluid must be treated with precaution as though it is infected. This course demonstrates how to protect oneself including the use of gloves or other barriers necessary to prevent exposure.

This course explains the ways to safely work with others and protect oneself against bloodborne pathogens. Employees learn to protect themselves from contracting diseases transmitted by bloodborne pathogens by following the simple safety procedures shown here.