One in three full-time, U.S. workers identify as “change averse,” or those who claim to hate change in the workplace. One in three also claim to be dissatisfied with their jobs. To continue to act in a certain way simply because that was how it was done in the past is the hallmark of a legacy thinker. Legacy thinkers do not innovate or drive the future. Innovation stems from individuals asking questions such as; what’s next, what if, why, or why not? This video training shows you how to change your mindset and focus on embracing creativity and innovation, while letting go of legacy thinking.

Of course, asking the question is just the first step. After that comes observation, creative connections, and many more questions. To drive innovation yourself, you must first understand the various factors promoting innovation. Inside influences of your workplace, including the culture of your specific industry, your company’s history, its customers, and its competitors, also can affect your ability to offer new ideas and possible solutions. To best understand how to raise your ideas within the specific climate of your organization, you must first know which specific inside influences are involved. This training video provides you with more insight on how to discover these influences, as well as other key concepts on the road to driving agility, including the Three R’s and Replacement Thinking.

You have likely heard that individuals often resist innovation. Why is that? Innovation may bring an unsettled feeling and a loss of control, but you can avoid this by simply inviting others into the planning process. The main point is this: the barriers preventing innovation can all be removed with the proper mindset. Once these barriers are gone, you can truly begin to drive innovation and be ready for what’s next. Utilize the information presented here and become a contributor in your organization who truly knows how to drive agility.