Creating a mindset for change is a leadership process that moves individuals from being unconscious and reactionary to being creative and intentional. This is the shift in mindset that is needed for people to focus on positive outcomes in this disruptive environment. So, creating awareness and talking about it is an important first step in creating transformation.

This is the first in the five-part “Creating a Mindset for Change” package. All five parts are intended to be taken in sequence with a spaced learning approach. These lessons are designed to coach you through a process based on spaced learning, so all you have to do is take one part every two weeks for three months, or one part every week over six weeks.

The fundamentals taught in these videos are meant to spread throughout your organization, all with the intent of creating a culture of embracing change within the organization.

In the Creating a Mindset for Change Process, Laura Goodrich, Global Workforce Innovator, will guide you through a series of microlearning on the Seeing Red Cars methodology. This leadership course will give you the tools you need to maintain a positive mindset and change behavior.

To begin this journey, you must start with the methodology behind creating a mindset for change. This first lesson helps you prepare to assess where you are today and determine your priorities for the future. Use this program to start building a vigorous workforce, aligned to your organization’s goals, and ready to tackle the next challenge.