Now that you’ve taken on the role of manager you must prove your effectiveness to your former peers and your new hires, knowing your team may not act or think like you. While this is true, you have an opportunity to lead and inspire, and to gain your team’s trust. As a first-time manager, it may take time, so be patient with yourself and your team. This course helps new managers learn about the four components of effective management.

There are four key components to becoming an effective manager, which also help create a healthy, productive, and sustainable relationship between you and your team. Those components are self-awareness, relationships, direction, and delegation. For example, it is important for you to learn more about the business before you lead others, and to listen to others when they speak on pertinent issues. You should make it a priority to know your staff, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Of course, as you are evaluating them, they are doing the same to you. There are numerous other tips for becoming an effective manager, which you will learn here.

Effective management is a key component to every organization. Without an effective manager, the team and the organization as a whole will suffer. Utilize the materials presented in this first-time manager training and learn how to best lead your team to success.