Once you make the decision to deploy eLearning as part of your training and development effort, there arises a most critical question, “are you going to outsource the e-learning course development or are you going to develop e-learning course content in-house?” We provide custom elearning development services.

The answer to this question will lead you to either reaching out to an outfit like eLeaP or choose to work in-house. We can tell you there are many good reasons to develop in-house if you have the resources (time, money, expertise, etc). As a matter of fact, we give classes on using the popular Articulate Storyline program. See an Articulate training outline here. There are also equally powerful reasons to let folks like us who enjoy doing this for a living take care of the task of developing your custom eLearning course content.

Custom eLearning Development

There may be some areas of custom eLearning development worth outsourcing, while others may be best suited to in-house design and creation.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Custom eLearning Development

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