The Skeptic’s Guide to LMS

There are many different LMS systems available to organizations today. With so many great vendors, you’d think most organizations would have probably jumped onto the LMS bandwagon. And yet there are still many companies that don’t have an LMS or are simply cynical about LMS promises. Regardless of the reason, LMS skeptics abound. Are you an LMS skeptic? If so, this “The Skeptic’s Guide to LMS” is a must-read eBook for you.

We wanted to design a resource that would speak directly to the LMS skeptic. The goal was to explain as clearly as possible what an LMS can and cannot do for a company. An LMS isn’t a magic bullet, it’s a management tool with a relatively narrowly defined purpose and scope. If you understand what an LMS can do while not expecting it to do more than is possible, you will see how an LMS really can improve the way learning and training happens in your company. If you’re an LMS skeptic, we invite you to get your free copy of  The Skeptic’s Guide to LMS

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