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The eLeaP training platform has streamlined our processes, reduced costs, and provided our users with a comprehensible learning system. I was able to configure and launch this SaaS based LMS within weeks, using SCORM to effectively track user progress with built in reports. Thanks to the entire staff at eLeaP, your support and response time is exceptional.

Amy Hitchman Training Manager, Host Analytics.

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  • Easy to use E-Learning LMS

    Intuitively Easy to use for Technical and Non-Technical training.

  • Available 24/7 Everywhere

    Access Anywhere on Any Device. Reliable, On-demand LMS.

  • Customize Your Account

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  • Advanced E-Learning

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  • Free Customer Support

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Simple, Easy to Use, Comprehensive, Affordable Learning Management System (LMS) Solutions!


    eLeaP is phenomenally easy to operate, whether you have IT experience or not. All of the customer feedback we have received has indicate that eLeaP is simple and enjoyable to use, yet packed full of powerful and valuable functionality. We pledge that the only skills you need to operate eLeaP's LMS training is the ability to operate a mouse and keyboard. And because eLeaP is Internet-based, there are no expensive IT requirements for eLeaP e-learning management system. No installations. No hardware necessary. No requirements for IT personnel to work with staff. The eLeaP LMS can be up and running smoothly immediately, and its simplicity, ease of use and intuitiveness will make the whole training process painless and enjoyable for your workforce.


    With eLeaP's powerful LMS system running your employee training, there's no need to worry about dealing with employees based at multiple locations, and getting them together in the same place at the same time. Or any of the overheads such as travel, expenses, consultants, and all the other related costs. eLeaP's LMS training is completely based online, and won't cost you a cent aside from your monthly fee. And every employee of your company can access it 24/7, 365 days of the year, wherever in the world they are. eLeaP's learning management software is fully compatible with modern mobile devices, meaning that you don't even need a computer to access eLeaP.


    And despite the sophistication and quality of the eLeaP system, we don't believe in tying people down to onerous, long-term contracts. We work with you to create a monthly payment package that suits your organization, and ensure that eLeaP delivers only the content that you actually require.


    And with eLeaP's free 30 day trial, you can sign up to try out the powerful features of this LMS software without paying a cent for a month. What are you waiting for?! Take a look at our quick two minute tour video, and check out all the benefits that eLeaP could offer your organization right now.


Check out detailed LMS features of eLeaP to see how it can help you quickly, easily create online training courses, track completions and provide full documentation so you can improve performance, reduce costs and strengthen compliance.

Do you need advanced training management features? Do you need integration with other systems or more? Learn how eLeaP delivers advanced e-learning tools to help succeed.

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