Many business leaders or managers know how they want their office to be run, but struggle to find a concrete way to deliver this information to their teams.

Many also feel that they want a way to organize all their projects and have the same foundation for the future, but they don’t know where to begin in creating something.

Template for an Organizational Chart

Here are the reasons why a manager or office lead would use an organizational chart template, as well as a link to download over 50 templates that could be beneficial for your team of employees, volunteers, or group members.

If you need to improve the way your business flows or the communication channels among group members, then using a template for an organizational chart is probably a smart solution.

Doing this will allow you to heighten collaboration among employees, streamline important information, and ensure that internal interactions are eased and that the ability for employees to clarify, respond to, and give their own information is strong.

Using a template for an organizational chart means that you have something in place that can be used long-term to ensure strong and positive communication for the internal workings of your office or business.

This will mean that it is more likely for you to retain customers and employees, thus preventing financial loss from having to re-secure either one.

Definition and Use of an Organizational Chart Template

First, you need to know what an organizational chart template is. They are guides that are pre-formatted for your business needs to create structure in your organization.

All you have to do is fill in your specific information (names of team members, specific tasks for the project at hand, dates for completion, chain of command, etc.) and then deliver it to your team!

This prevents too much information from being passed around, as well, which can be overwhelming to some people and cause them to lose focus or drive. You can put your managerial energy into content creation and taking care of your employees.

Using a template for an organizational chart also means that you will not have to devote energy to designing graphics, formatting a document, or designing a chart that looks good when displayed over the Internet. A template takes care of all of that for you!

When Using an Organizational Chart Template Is Not Useful

Sometimes, though, using a template will not be in your best interest.

If a situation arises that needs unique communication patterns and alternative forms of relationship, then you should create a new chart for that specific situation.

Types of Organizational Charts

The type of business, organization, or group that you are leading will determine the type of template you need. This article will give detailed examples of many groups that could benefit from a template for an organizational chart… you are bound to find one here that could benefit your team!

Matrix Organization Structure Chart

This type of template has spaces for a head manager and then divisional managers as well, with multiple projects that are being completed at once.

This template allows for employees to be grouped by their role in the organization and then by the type of work they will be doing for particular projects.

Functional Organizational Structure Chart

True to its name, this chart puts people into their spot in the diagram based on the function they provide to the group.

This type of structuring can mean slower communication and inter-department collaboration, but people organized in this way are experts in their field.

Divisional Organizational Structure Chart

This type of chart is perfect for organizations or firms in which employees are grouped together for the particular division or product that they work with.

There are the same roles in each division, but each division works with a different product or project in the company.

Horizontal Organizational Structure Chart

This chart is the same as a “flat structure” chart and is used when there are a limited number of managers but many employees.

The employees report to other leads on their team, who then report back to the specific managers.

The employees have a bit of decision-making power, which motivates them and encourages them to continue working productively.

Instead of being a top-down workplace, such as in the matrix structure, this is more of a system that feels like there is not just one boss.

Specific Templates for Organizational Charts

This list has charts that can be edited in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Google Docs, as well as PDFs.

Warehouse Operations

The template for this chart shows how a warehouse manager could effectively use their available space and number of employees to be able to meet the demands of their customer base.

Firehouse Command

This template makes communication easy and effective in a place where things need to happen quickly! A fire station command must have impeccable organization and always follow protocol.

Gaming or IT Company

For this type of group, the template will allow everything from the beginning stages of game brainstorming and development, then on to marketing, and then actual selling to be done productively.

E-Commerce Marketing

This chart details the roles and responsibilities that everyone has to accomplish for marketing objectives, including putting plans into true and solid action.

Insurance Agency

The template for an organizational chart for an insurance agency shows how communication should flow when an accident occurs and needs to be addressed.

Sales Team

This chart flows in a way that a startup company can make sure their actions are ensuring profitable sales and low costs to the business.

Sports Agency

There are many sections of a large sports organization, and this chart gives space for all of them to function separately and together.

Employee Succession Planning

This chart shows how a business will grow into the future and continue to be successful.

Company Tree

This creative form of a template for an organizational chart shows how responsibilities flow, itemizing departments and roles so that everything is always at peak function.


The hospitality industry involves so many sections that all depend on one another, so this template shows how a hotel can work together for optimal customer service.

Military Management

This flow chart shows what specific responsibilities are connected to each role and the chain of command for communication.

Marketing Team

This template specifies specific areas where energy should be devoted for a marketing team to be successful in promoting its product.

Corporate Business

This chart shows a division of authority and command that goes from the top level of a corporation down to its entry-level employees.

Board of Directors

This chart shows how specific directors should be organized in relation to the head leader.

Childcare Facility

This chart shows the myriad sections of a childcare facility that are important to caring for the whole child: physical, emotional, social, and educational.

Travel and Tourism

This chart details a typical flow of a company responsible for planning and executing trips and vacations for customers.

Publishing Company

This template is perfect for showing how each role in the company interacts with the others, making sure that all jobs and responsibilities are taken care of.

Accounting Department

This template for an organizational chart of an accounting firm shows how to run all the departments successfully and efficiently.

Police Department

A police command needs to be able to respond at a moment’s notice, so communication is key! This chart shows who should report to whom and the specific lines of authority and communication.

Graphic Design Company

This chart shows how you can set up a company and expect everyone to be accountable for the specific jobs assigned to them, as well as how the employees should function for success.

Budget Office

This template shows how a team can work together to make sure that a budget is well executed and stays within a certain frame.

Front Office

This chart organizes an office in a way that everyone knows what their roles and responsibilities are and the types of tasks to which they should be attending each day.


A library offers many services to its community, and without a chart to help organize these tasks, the library employees wouldn’t know which way to turn! This chart helps organize all of the services and puts people in place to execute efficiently.


Although every business is unique and needs a different model, a template for an organizational chart is a very handy tool that can save time and energy.

If you use a template for an organizational chart and it is successful, you will be able to use it over and over for new projects, new groups of employees, etc. all without having to recreate the wheel.