We all feel the anxiety caused by conflict with others. Unfortunately, conflict happens regularly, and is never really “resolved” forever. Conflict is something that must simply be managed. Through this conflict training course, you will understand how to manage conflict, and you will gain practical knowledge as to where conflict comes from, what your conflict style is, and how to identify the needs of others.

To understand conflict, you must realize what you, and others, find important. In other words, you must know each person’s needs. Answering this question will help guide you toward a solution to satisfy both parties, which can only be accomplished through collaboration. Of course, as you are trying to achieve collaboration, you need to know where each person’s needs come from, which may include safety, esteem, and self-actualization. This course demonstrates how to identify everyone’s needs and how to achieve collaboration.

While we may have been told in the past that compromise is the key to conflict resolution, compromise is less effective than collaboration, and conflict can never truly be resolved. Utilize the information presented in this training video, understand how conflict arises and where it originates, and learn to collaborate to ensure everyone’s needs are met.