Every company knows that investing in training and education is critical for keeping their employees (and their company) on the path of growth and success. Of course, part of that also comes in choosing the right solutions and keeping up with the available trends and technologies. While the initial benefit of online learning was that people could learn anywhere, on their own time, the addition of live training and instructor-led education courses are ensuring that people get the dedicated attention and one-on-one support that they need.

Live training that happens in real-time helps people feel engaged and connected. It is a less static activity of simply watching videos or reading through information and then taking a test on what you’ve learned. With real-time instruction, you can have direct access to industry experts for your employees and ensure that the level of interaction gives each learner within your organization what they need.

Real-Time Training for Your LMS Offers Solutions for Every Learning Style

The Perks of Real-Time Training

When investing in a learning management system, you have a lot of different options out there on the market today. The ones that include live training resources will be the best choice, for several reasons. Not only do they ensure that you can cater to every different learning style within your organization, but the real-time training aspect also offers benefits like the ones below.

Lower Costs

When you have live instruction instead of a presentation or video-led instruction, you will generally spend less on the learning resources than if you had to send people to training seminars or conventions that could help them improve their skills. Employees may need to miss some work hours for the virtual training, but it’s flexible and can be done at any time, making it a great choice for more affordable solutions.

Connection and Interaction

When you choose live instruction, you’re also giving your people more connection and a chance to interact with their educators. They’re no longer just sitting and learning a lesson or watching a video about compliance. Now, they are partaking in the lesson and getting firsthand experience that they can then take and apply in the real world setting once they’ve finished the course.

Custom Learning

Giving people face time allows them to get a more customized learning experience, too. When the instructors know the organization’s challenges and the individual needs of the team, it is easier to create custom learning solutions that will ensure that people are on track with their learning and development.

LMS Access

Another perk of live training is that you can choose a provider that offers this along with a robust LMS that you can utilize to keep track of all of your other educational and training efforts. Instead of having to invest in your own LMS and customize it to your needs, you can use what’s provided, such as the eLeaP LMS which offers instructor-led and real-time training options.

Real-Time Training Makes Real-Time Feedback Easy

The entire goal of the LMS is to manage and track employee learning, training, and development. It’s also designed to facilitate new training and development courses as they arise or as people grow in their positions within the organization. When it comes to providing valuable feedback in a timely manner, nothing is better than real-time training.

Live training means live results. Real-time interactions mean people get real-world education on their schedule and in a way that works for them. It’s been proven that the addition of real-time live training to a dynamic LMS creates a stronger organization with more knowledgeable, motivated people. That’s an invaluable asset for organizations that want to keep their teams on top.

Self-Paced Learning and Development Still Matters

Of course, just because live training sessions can offer some benefits to the people in your organization, that doesn’t mean that everyone will learn well through live instruction. The best LMS is one that includes an array of types of learning opportunities, from individual reading and testing materials to live sessions and interactive collaborations between members of the organization and the management team.

The ability to add real-time training just increases the focus on customized learning and development. The modern organization needs to have these elements if they are going to give people the culture that they demand. No one wants to be hired and left to their own devices, not being utilized for upskilling or taking on different responsibilities when they have so much more to offer.

Real-time training can actually make it easier to identify these opportunities and candidates that may have more to offer than you knew. The instructor connection can highlight people’s strengths and bring out things they may not have thought to mention on their own. The good news is that you can blend these two types of development to create a tailored plan that works for each person within your organization to ensure that everyone is upskilled in the best ways possible.

How to Choose Your Live Training LMS Solution

If you decide that real-time live training classes sound like something that your LMS needs, then you’ll want to start your search for the systems that offer this option. Not all platforms will hold up to live training since some are designed for text and basic videos, as well as online tests that check for competency or compliance once training modules are completed. Therefore, make sure that live training is a part of your search for an LMS in the first place to rule out any systems that don’t suit your needs.

Fortunately, there is a modern LMS solution offered by eLeaP software that allows you to customize your learning solutions and create a strategic approach to employee and organizational development that includes live training, self-paced learning, and other opportunities for growth and development. It’s about creating a dynamic resource that will keep your organization on track with learning and development and when you choose to do it with eLeaP, it’s going to be easier than you think.