Bridging the Gap in Cloud Security


“Like many companies that decide to move key applications to the cloud, Merit uses a combination of technology and contracts to ensure its cloud computing providers comply with its internal security and risk-management policies. And in order to provide desired functions-such as document sharing or a single log-in-between vendors, it seeks out customized security solutions.

At Merit, Cannon devised a plan that includes single sign-on technology customized for Google and eLeaP from Symplified, an access-control vendor that specializes in cloud computing security. Employees log on to Merit’s network once, using one user name and password combination that is managed by Symplified’s technology. Then they have access to both the Google and eLeaP applications, Cannon says. No separate log-ons are needed.”

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Secrecy of cloud computing providers raises IT security risks


“Lincoln Cannon, director of Web systems at Merit Medical Systems, said the manufacturer has taken a few steps into cloud computing with Google Apps and Telania’s eLeap for sales training, as well as Amazon for development work related to a new corporate Web site.”

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A Tech Tool That Puts Employees and Customers to the Test


“… MindFlash isn’t the only online training tool out there — another is eLeaP (and PowerPoint does, in fact, let you add a very bare-bones interactivity to a presentation, but it’s not as easy to incorporate as with these dedicated tools, and it doesn’t leave you with user data). One of the big advantages to this sort of interactive question-and-response capability is that what users see during a presentation can be tailored to their responses to questions as they go along. Not only does that make this sort of tool great for training, but I could imagine it being terrific for customer support — and possibly even for marketing, because it offers an effective means for qualifying customers based on their responses.”

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