On Line Training Courses

The 9 Types of Online Training Courses

There are thousands of online training courses available on all sorts of web-based platforms—from learning management software to webinars to even Facebook live streaming!

In this article, we will discuss the nine major types of on line training courses you’ll come across, so you can decide which are most relevant to you and your business.

  1. HR Compliance

This is one of the most common types of online training courses that all businesses need. HR compliance videos can share important workplace information and procedures that keep the company’s environment safe and comfortable. This protects employees’ wellbeing and also helps to prevent the company from costly liability suits.

These online training courses often include preventing harassment, promoting diversity, understanding generational and cultural differences, managing termination and difficult conversations, creating productive and respectful teams, and more.

  1. Workplace Safety

In the same vein, workplace safety videos help protect employees in accordance with OSHA regulations. These include videos like housekeeping regulations, forklift safety, fire training, active shooter training, disaster training, chemical security courses, and more. This is a way to ensure employees understand safety procedures and can help prevent unsafe practices.

  1. Industry Specific

Different types of businesses require different types of training. Even different departments within the same company have unique needs for L&D. In this way, industry-specific online training courses allow users to find information that is most relevant based on their industry and department. The more specific the training, the better.

  1. Healthcare

Healthcare videos are those videos that are specific to the healthcare industry. It is a very precise and unique industry that involves privacy of medical records, laboratory safety, patient safety, and more. Because so much goes into it, there is often an entire category of videos made specifically for healthcare practitioners to ensure that learning is always up to date and thorough.

  1. Information Technology

Information technology is another industry-specific set of on line training courses that deal directly with web-based applications and security. These courses primarily focus on IT professionals whose job is technology (they don’t simply use it as a tool, as most of us do). These trainings can include how to implement a data security system, how to back up files, and how to scale software to a large corporation.

  1. Software

While information technology tends to be for IT professionals, software online training videos are for all tech users. In our modern world, everyone needs to understand how technology can be best utilized in their individual business sphere. These videos can include trainings on how to use different parts of Microsoft Word, how to make a PowerPoint presentation, how to present data with Excel, and more.

  1. Sales and Service

Sales and service online training videos are for customer-facing workers. These sales and customer-service exercises can help prepare individuals for real-world problems and situations that arise when dealing with clients or marketing programs.

However, these aren’t just for the salespeople in your company. These videos often discuss the core message of the brand, since they are talking about how to sell the brand. In this way, many companies choose to show these videos to everyone in the organization as a means of dissipating core “client-facing” values.

  1. Business Skills

Business skills videos teach important proficiencies that everyone should know in order to grow and develop within the company. These skills could include creating a mindset for change, how to work with a team, managing conflict, offering praise, and setting objectives. These skills can help everyone in the company overcome issues and work towards better solutions. This can, in turn, lead to a more productive environment overall.

  1. Leadership and Management

Last but certainly not least are leadership and management videos. These online training videos push leaders from good to phenomenal, leading them to create high-impact teams and departments. Without a great leader, there can’t be a great team. These are often optional videos that are presented to high-level employees who actively want to better themselves and their teammates.

These nine types of online training courses are not separate. They all work in tandem to create comprehensive L&D programs for well-rounded employee training. Find a LMS or platform that offers all nine topics in order to ensure every student has the information and resources he or she needs to succeed within your organization.