On Line Training Courses

The 9 Types of Online Training Courses

When you decide that it’s time to leverage the power of eLearning in your company to boost your training and learning efforts, the good news is that you don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel. Of course, there is going to be some learning and training that is totally unique to your company, but there also many areas common to businesses across all sectors and industries, and you don’t have to create original eLearning content for those areas. There are literally thousands of online training courses available on all sorts of web-based platforms—you just have to decide which ones are right for your company. Here are nine major types of online training courses you’ll be likely to come across, from which you can pick and choose the ones most relevant to your company:

  1. HR Compliance 

Just about any business you can think of requires training in the area of HR compliance, making it one of the most common categories of online training courses you’ll come across. Pay particular attention to the vast number of HR compliance videos available online these days – they are a great way to convey basic information about general workplace decorum in a way that keeps learners engaged, and the content will help your company avoid costly litigation by preventing many types of inappropriate behaviors when workers understand the serious nature of various situations. From harassment to diversity and cultural sensitivity, handling of difficult conversations and terminations, establishing a culture of respect and teamwork – these are all areas your company should be covering in training sessions, but for which you don’t need to create new content.

  1. Workplace Safety

Along those same lines, you’ll also be able to find plenty of workplace safety videos to help protect your most valuable asset – your employees – by training them on general OSHA regulations that keep workers safe. There are online training courses available for a huge variety of specific applications, such as housekeeping regulations, forklift safety, fire training, active shooter training, disaster training, hazardous material security courses, and more. Helping your company’s workers avoid unsafe practices can have a huge positive impact on the bottom line – one that’s well worth the effort to find the right online training courses for your people.

  1. Industry Specific 

Even within specific industries you’ll still be able to find more than enough content out there that’s already been created and is ready to go. Just plug in your specific industry type and what topic you’re looking for and see the results you get for Industry-specific online training courses. Examine the results carefully because as you already know, the more specific the training, the better.

  1. Healthcare 

Videos specific to Healthcare cover a wide range of topics in this industry that requires very precise content when it comes to ensuring medical record privacy, safety in labs, patient relations and safety, and much more. Although the needs of the healthcare industry are very specific, lots of relevant online training videos have been created over the years that are also regularly updated to ensure the latest best practices and regulatory requirements are met.

  1. Information Technology 

Online training courses dealing with Information technology is another industry-specific area of content, in this case dealing with web-based applications and a wide range of cyber-security issues. While there are many training opportunities available to cover what any employee ought to know about IT security, the more specific range of content in this category is for IT professionals for whom technology is their core job focus. Relevant training in this category can cover implementation of data security systems, data backup and recovery procedures, how to scale up software applications for larger corporations, and so on.

  1. Software 

In this category, the focus is on training for all employees on the various software applications they need to use in their day-to-day work, whether that is the suite of Microsoft Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, etc.) or more specific applications needed by many employees within a company.

  1. Sales and Service

For employees who are on the front lines of interacting with customers, Sales and service online training videos are essential. There are many principles of sales and service that cut across any and all industries, along with real-world scenarios that anyone might have to face when interacting with clients. Companies can supplement these general training videos with their own brand-specific content that covers the company’s core values and how to position the brand – content that is useful for all employees to see, not just sales and service employees.

  1. Business Skills 

All of a company’s employees need to have some basic business skills, many of which can be taught through online video training content. Popular content in this area includes how to work in a team, group dynamics, group decision-making, managing conflict, giving and receiving feedback, goal-setting, and much more. When everyone knows how to work together more effectively and smoothly, your company will benefit greatly with increased productivity and efficiency.

  1. Leadership and Management

Finally, leadership and management online training videos are critical to the future success of your company. Use this content to establish an internal pipeline of managers and leaders who will be able to fill critical positions as they become available. While some will show high potential that deserves even more specific training, everyone in the company will benefit from leadership and management content. After all, you want everyone to have enough skills in these areas to lead and manage teams even when they aren’t in a formal or titled leadership position.

These nine areas of online training courses and videos may seem wide-ranging and unrelated, but taken together, accumulating learning content in all nine topic areas will result in your company building a library of well-rounded learning and development materials that will serve it well for years to come. It’s a great step to take to ensure the future success of your employees and your company.