eLeaP, a popular software eLearning solution, is announcing the implementation of changes to its eCommerce System

November 17, 2014 – LOUISVILLE, KY – Users of the eLeaP eCommerce Learning Management System (LMS), can now take advantage of exciting new additions to the available software offerings. eLeaP’s eCommerce LMS is consistently recognized for its ease-of-use and innovative capabilities and now, with the insight derived from current customers, there are even more options that will expand and improve the user and buyer experience.

The eLeaP eCommerce solution is an easy and secure way for companies and organizations to create their own online courses that can then be directly sold to their customers. It requires a minimal investment in terms of both money and resources and within a few minutes eLeaP makes it possible to customize a secure learning site.

The newly announced changes to the system include an expanded and enhanced user interface featuring new tabs and customization options. Two new tabs include discount offerings which encourage volume buying of courses, as well as more options for tailoring the registration and reporting fields.

New features now available include the ability for eLeaP customers to manually rearrange and highlight specific courses, edit their own help page to include their contact and support information and standardized color schemes which allow for the streamlining of the purchase process.

Additionally, under the sales report page users can utilize new tools to filter purchases.

“We’re so excited about the implementation of changes to our current eCommerce LMS because it represents what we’ve discovered from feedback provided by our own customers,” said Don Weobong, President of eLeap. “We take our customers’ input very seriously and that’s what sets our company apart from others in the eLearning industry—we’re constantly making changes and updates that are in-line with what our customers are telling us. Their opinion is what’s most important to the work that we do, and we always want to strive to meet and exceed their needs.”

“Announcing the implementation of these eCommerce changes is also exciting because our own customers are going to be able to really directly connect with their buyers in a way that’s more efficient and more customized to their needs,” said Weobong. “The new design and features provide a cleaner and simpler buying process and lets our eCommerce users find new and valuable ways to market to their own customers.

For more information about eLeaP and their eLearning offerings, visit their homepage. Visit their eCommerce information page to learn more specifically about the new LMS options that allow customers to build and sell their own course content.

About eLeaP

eLeaP is a training and eLearning system offering online delivery, which is the creation of company President  Don Weobong. eLeaP Learning Management System (LMS/LCMS) is a complete, secure, web-based training and learning solution that employ a simple user interface. This allows for both technical and non-technical training managers to easily and efficiently create, manage and track interactive training courses and eLearning programs for all levels of users. The eLeaP software system is designed to fit organizations of any size in a way that’s flexible, simple and customizable.

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