Managers need to view up-to-date reports on their team’s accomplishments and current levels of training development and compliance documentation. HR/Training Managers are stressed out, so use the eLeaP Learning Management System to easily make access available 24/7.

supervisor-video-lmsMay 27, 2015 – LOUISVILLE, KY -The news is full of companies getting fined, sued or worse because of lack of compliance documentation or appropriate training: an automobile manufacturer, a store in Chicago, a recycler in Miami, a propane gas company in Texas and the list goes on. The Feds are doling out fines for incidents and accidents due to improper training and documentation ( eLeaP Learning Management System (LMS) is proud to introduce the new Supervisor feature which provides a powerful tool for any organization of any size to quickly and easy streamline their training, e-learning and compliance documentation processes.

eLeaP recently developed a new feature for their Learning Management System that will allow for a new user function, the LMS Supervisor function, with 24/7 access and automatic email notifications. The update will allow for fewer time-consuming email chains and phone calls and will prevent the all-too-common mistake of the wrong people accessing the wrong reports in organizations; instead customers will now be able to have the right staff members have access to only the relevant reports they need.

Often times, team managers need to view up-to-date reports on their team’s accomplishments and current levels of training development and compliance documentation. These reports were previously only available through HR and training managers who could access these reports through special eLeaP accounts. With the addition of the Supervisor function, team members and supervisors are able to get their own access accounts giving them access 24/7.

The supervisor feature allows team managers to view the reports they need and the completion status of courses for their teams without permitting accidental course modification. Allowing for a more productive and efficient use of time and less hassle for managers and instructors.

According to Alexys Cran, Student Services Coordinator at Cornerstone International College, “Adding and removing Supervisor capabilities to users has been helpful for our online training programs. Mainly it has given me more access without having to log in with my administrator’s account repeatedly. It was also helpful in removing users who were no longer allowed Supervisor access to the online program allowing only the right users access to training and compliance documentation reports. The savings in terms of hours spent getting them these reports as well as the overall ease of use means we can dedicate our resources to serving our users and focusing on our core mission.”

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eLeaP is a training, learning management system which allows for both technical and non-technical training managers to easily and efficiently create, manage and track interactive training courses and eLearning programs for all levels of users. The eLeaP training software system is designed to fit organizations of any size in a way that’s flexible, simple and customizable. Course libraries are also available for Health & Safety, HR Compliance, Communication Skills, PC Skills, Leadership, Team Building, Management and Supervision and Customer Service.

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