eLeaP is dedicated to providing a Learning Management System that is top of the line and thinks of everything. We work hard everyday to implement customer suggestions that will make eLeaP a more effective tool for all of our users. Thanks to customer feedback, we’ve added a new permissions level, called the Supervisor.

The Supervisor role provides view-only access to Completion Reports for User Groups. Team managers can stay up-to-date on their team’s training progress without having to go through training Administrators. And trainers no longer have to worry about giving high levels of editing access to team managers.

Once a user has been given Supervisor-level permissions, they can then be assigned to one or more User Groups as a Supervisor (rather than as a Trainee). How great is that? These Supervisor users can then log in to eLeaP and view the activity report for their User Groups.

Our customers are already benefiting from these updates. Are you ready to experience eLeaP? Try it free today.

Supervisor Role

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