eLeaP has officially unveiled two critical new features for the company’s popular learning management system (LMS). Both a manager-level role and the ability to restrict self-enrollment to specific users are now available.

eLeaP Debuts Manager-Level Role and Targeted Self-Enrollment Tools

“These new features speak directly to usability and control over the LMS environment,” explained Marsha Weobong, COO of the company. “We remain committed to ensuring our clients have the capabilities they need to build strong teams and thriving organizations.”

The new manager-level role offers a midway point between basic users and administrators, with those in this role able to assign courses and learning paths, as well as access managed user groups and individual users. They can also perform many other critical steps to manage users but cannot edit or delete courses, learning paths, user groups, users, or assessments, and cannot reset quiz results.

In response to the need for clients to restrict access to certain courses and learning paths, eLeaP has also introduced the ability to restrict access to self-enrollment courses and learning paths, ensuring that only specific user groups can use this function. Doing so simply requires an authorized administrator to access the learning course in question via the user interface.

Under “general settings” for the course, users will notice a listing for “self-enrollment”. Click the toggle to enable the function, and a text box appears that allows the administrator to set access for all users or only specific groups of users. Clicking within the box creates a dropdown menu showing all user groups available and users can easily choose the appropriate user groups.

Self-enrollment in learning paths can be similarly customized from the user interface during the path creation process, allowing administrators to design paths specific to the needs of individuals and groups while preventing unauthorized access to those paths.

“Adaptability, control, and customization – those are key elements that define our LMS and we’re proud to continue introducing features that enable better outcomes for our users,” Weobong said.

To learn more about eLeaP or the company’s industry-leading learning management system, visit https://www.eleapsoftware.com.

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eLeaP launched in 2005 with a mission to assist businesses in managing organizational compliance and team performance via intuitive, groundbreaking digital tools. Since that time, eLeaP has grown to become one of the industry’s leading learning management systems (LMS), and has earned numerous awards from the likes of Capterra, Featured Customers, and eLearning Industry to name just a few. eLeaP helps organizations in various industries from 21 CFR Part 11 regulated industries like Medical Device, pharmaceuticals, contract manufacturing organizations to financial companies, technology companies as well as private colleges, streamline compliance documentation and skills development while saving time and money.

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