Scenario: How can I restrict access to my self enrollment courses or learning paths to specific user groups?


Hello, and welcome to eLeaP. In this tutorial, we are faced with a scenario, that many companies face, which is you have assets, both courses, uh, and, or learning paths that you want to made available to specific groups of users. So they can self-enroll. We have enhanced, uh, self-enrollment tool in eLeaP to now allow you to do that. Let’s take a look at a course that we want to make available for self-enrollment, but we want to limit it to only specific user groups. How do we go about doing that? Well, we simply go into the course in question, I’m going to hit edit right here and go over to your second step. And now you see your self enrollment option here allows you to select if you want this course to be available, to be self-enrolled by all users, or if you want to open it up to specific users.

So you can add specific user groups, excuse me, to this particular course for them to self-enroll. It is a really powerful tool that lets you essentially delegate the enrollment process, but also ensure that it’s not just being open to everybody in your account. Similarly, if we go into a learning path that we want to create for, let’s say middle managers, uh, so they can have, um, content that they can enroll in. Um, here’s how we go about doing that. So, uh, as see <affirmative>, uh, se, and so basically what I’ll do is I’ll select right over here, the self-enrollment option and you notice, uh, it does give me a chance to be able to select whichever, um, user group that I want to make this available too. So I’ll select this particular user group. I’m gonna just go ahead and activate this and hit, add learning path.

And then of course, the next thing I’ll do is I’ll go see this particular learning path with content for this particular group. So I’m going to use my knowledge essentials library to seed, uh, the content, uh, that I want. So very easy to do. You can do this yourself, uh, just select the courses that you want from a category and add them in. And now we actually will have our content only available to users in this particular learning, uh, user group. Let’s see how that works. So I’m in here logged in as an end user. Um, here is my name. I believe I’m Abigail. All right. So if I go to my learning path tab over here, and by the way, let me just confirm that I am in this particular user group so that you can see. So this is my user group, I’m the blue race user group. And because of the particular designation for the self-enrollment to be only opened to users in that user group, I can now enroll in

This particular learning path. As you can see right over here, this is how simple and yet effective this particular tool is. As usual. If you have any questions about this or any other features in the system, please do not hesitate to contact us.