The LMS, or learning management system, industry is full of options for corporations and schools alike. One thing that makes an LMS like Schoology stand out is the unique options for all types of learners. In this case, Schoology stands out because of its focus on project-based learning, something that can be useful in the office as well as a classroom.

LMS Schoology

What is Project-Based Learning?

The LMS Schoology is designed for schools to teach minor students, so their definition of project-based learning is a training method that requires students to investigate a complex problem over an extended period.

That means that students are given a real-world puzzle or problem and are then asked to solve it. They aren’t given coursework to guide the solution – instead, they use what knowledge they have gained so far to assess the problem and create the solution on their own.

This can be individual work, or it can occur in groups. Project-based learning is considered a progressive choice in the world of academic LMSs like Schoology. But how can you bring that into your office learning environment?

How an LMS like Schoology Designs Project-Based Learning Activities

To understand how you can adopt this practice within your office training, take a look at the steps an LMS like Schoology uses to design a project-based learning course.

This is how an LMS like Schoology creates a project-based learning environment. But, you may be asking, why is project-based learning such a buzzword right now?

Why Project-Based Learning Works

There are many reasons why educators and trainers prefer project-based learning over traditional instruction, such as:

Examples of Project-Based Learning from LMSs like Schoology

An LMS like Schoology offers many different types of projects that students can use. Here are some examples and some ways to adapt them for your office training program:

These are just some examples but consider what industry-specific technical projects you could offer to trainees. Next, we’ll look at how an LMS like Schoology ensures that projects will be successful.

The Most Important Elements of a Project

To design an excellent project for learners, LMSs like Schoology consider these elements:

These elements will help you design a great project for your learners.

Bringing Project-Based Learning into Your Office

If you have been considering an LMS like Schoology precisely because of the excellent project-based learning activities, you are in luck. Corporate LMS software offers projects for learners, and it’s not as hard as you may think to design your own. Project-based learning is a fantastic way to engage your employees in a culture of long-term learning.