Is it time to add the company LMS (learning management system) to your management systems list for review? Maybe you’ve overheard employees talking about your company’s LMS and you heard them use the word hate. Gosh, you think to yourself, is it really that bad? Do they all really hate the company’s LMS?

Well, it is true that at least 15% of companies out there change their LMS every year, and a much higher percentage (around 40%) say they’re seriously considering switching their LMS. That indicates a pretty serious level of dissatisfaction. Other surveys in recent years have shown a lot of antipathy towards the LMS. Only 8% admit they love their LMS, others are neutral, but more than 27% do say they actually hate their LMS. If it really is your LMS that’s to blame, it may be time to engage in a more thorough learning management system comparison to find a better one. But don’t jumpstart that search just yet.

When you hear employees complaining about the training system, you do have to take it with a grain of salt. After all, it might not really be the LMS itself that has them worked up. There are a number of other factors at play here that may help explain the negative feelings.

Maybe it’s not the LMS but the content of the courses and trainings. Let’s face it – if your system is full of boring, sub-par content, people are going to say they hate it. But it’s not the LMS that’s at fault; it’s the people designing your courses and trainings.

Now add in on top of that a healthy dose of resentment from employees who are required to complete certain courses and trainings. Again, it’s not necessarily the LMS they hate; it’s the fact that they’re required to engage in the learning management system at all. After all, they’re busy trying to do their jobs, and required learning can feel like a giant distraction. If the learning is also poorly designed, that’s only going to intensify the negative feelings.

What is LMS?

One thing you might consider is conducting a good employee survey about learning in your company. Ask employees very specific questions about the LMS, the various courses and trainings, and really dig in to find out what’s going on. Ask about the end users’ LMS experience. You’re bound to find out some valuable information that will help your learning efforts moving forward.

And yes, you might just find out your learning management system features and benefits simply aren’t good enough, which might make you want to switch. If that’s the direction in which you’re heading, be sure to check out eLeaP’s 7-part series on how to implement an LMS starting with Part 1: Laying the Groundwork. It’s chock full of advice on everything you need to keep in mind and look for when shopping for a new learning management system. You might even run across an open source LMS for business that is attractive because it acts as a free cloud based LMS – but free doesn’t necessarily mean better, so put it through the paces first.

While you’re at it, do yourself a favor and sign up for a free trial of eLeaP to find out if it might just be the LMS you’ve been looking for. It’s robust, reliable, effective, and well-supported. When it comes to features of learning management system software options, eLeaP might just have exactly what you need!

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