In the bustling marketplace for learning management systems (LMS), it can be challenging to know what option is best for your office. There are systems explicitly made for use within a workplace, but educational systems have begun offering office solutions. The LMS Edgenuity is one such example.

LMS Edgenuity

Originally an LMS for schools that offered virtual learning, Edgenuity also now offers training for professional workplace settings. How do you know if this is the right option for you? The best way to choose is to understand the pros and cons of an LMS specifically for a corporate setting instead of academic software.

The Differences and Similarities Between Corporate and Academic LMSs

There are three main similarities between a corporate LMS and an academic LMS like Edgenuity:

However, there are some significant differences between these two types of systems:

What to Consider When Choosing an LMS

If you aren’t sure if an LMS, Edgenuity, or any other such as eLeaP, is right for you, here are some qualities to consider:

These are some things to consider as you compare the LMS options that exist.

Should You Choose a Corporate LMS Instead?

There is no hard and fast rule about which LMS works best for offices. You may find that your organization thrives with an academic LMS. One significant benefit of an LMS like Edgenuity is that these software designers have been around for a long time. Academic LMS platforms have plenty of experience meeting the unique needs of different types of learners, for example.

Another benefit to an academic LMS is that they offer more robust control to the administrators or managers. These are two reasons not to throw out the idea of an academic platform right away.

Consider the needs of your organization’s training program. Do you need generalized knowledge on a broad range of topics, with more control given to administrators? Does your organization tend to work best on the same schedule as the typical school year?

Or, does your organization need more automation for professionals who need to focus on gaining expertise in a niche topic? Do you need the integration and branding capabilities of a corporate LMS? Is the academic school year compatible with your schedule?

Finding the Right Tool for the Job

Finding the best LMS, Edgenuity or otherwise, for your team is difficult. But carefully choosing the right type of platform will help you narrow down the options. Once you’ve chosen between a corporate or an academic LMS, you can then go on to test out the myriad of choices within each type. Knowing the way these two software types work is the best way to start making an informed decision.