How to configure Okta SAML 2.0 for eLeaP SSO

From your Admin Dashboard, click [Add Applications]

Then select [Create New App]

Select the SAML 2.0 type of application

Then follow the on-page instructions to add your eLeaP application

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Single Sign On URL

Recipient URL

Destination URL

Audience Restriction

Default Relay State

VERY IMPORTANT: At the end of links instead of “eleap”, change it to ‘youraccountdomain’ and then send us the metadata link or send a screenshot of it


Finally, it will look like this

VERY IMPORTANT: You will need to add the attribute [subdomain] as shown above.

Also, the email must be written in lowercase letters

Once added, your saved settings should look like the above.

DIRECTORY > Profile Editor

After adding your SAML 2.0 settings, go to [Directory] and click the [Profile Editor] link.

After selecting the [Profile Editor], click [User] and then [Add Attribute]

Add the attribute called [subdomain]. See the subdomain attribute settings above.


If you need to import users, use the [Directory], and then [People] link to get to the [Add person] or [More actions] screen (see below). Then click the [Import Users From CSV] link.

Make sure to download the import template from Okta. Once downloaded, make sure to configure it with at least the fields and values shown below.

Note: the subdomain field should show your eLeaP account subdomain. For example, if your eLeaP URL is, then your subdomain should be ‘loveyourlms’

Note: The email listed in the user profile or import template has to match the user’s email in eLeaP

Note: There’s an import tool within the application screen. We did not have success trying to use that to import users.

Once you start your user import, you will see the [CSV file parsed successfully!] prompt if your import file is successfully configured. Click [Next] to continue.

Note: Depending on your internal SSO policies, you may choose to activate users and/or prevent Okta from sending them user passwords to log into the Okta app.

Assign Users to eLeaP App

To assign/add users to your eLeaP app, click the [Applications] and then select eLeaP and click [Assign to People] or click [Assign Users to App]

Once assigned, if the user is set to receive an email from Okta, they will receive a welcome email like shown below.

Once logged in, user can click their eLeaP app to be logged into the app.

Contact eLeaP to discuss any of these choices or even custom requirements you might have. We try to be as flexible as possible. Call us 1-877-624-7226 or email

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