Business training encompasses a wide variety of topics, from specific technical training to more general business practices such as customer relations, sales procedures and operational procedures. Training programs are designed to enable employees to deliver a more efficient and effective range of services, and for companies to keep pace in a cut throat corporate world.  With businesses’ recent dependency on computer software and email, it is essential that all employees are computer literate.

The internet has allowed for such training programs to be accessed and utilized with ease. Information Technology training, Management Training and a host of other subjects are all available online to help develop an individual’s skill set. Such interactive online learning programs are the perfect Corporate Training Software for organizations; one of the most advanced ones is the eLeaP™ Learning Management System. Pioneered by Don Weobong, President of eLeaP™, an increasing number of companies now rely on this e-learning platform for all of their corporate training needs.

What’s astonishing is the low cost of online e-learning systems compared with traditional corporate training programs. Traditionally, when a company wants to train its employees in a certain skill or trade, experts would need to be consulted, often at very high compensation  rates; rates at $10,000 or more for a week of consultation are not uncommon. With new online Learning Management Systems such  as eLeaP™, however, a company can easily start training its employees at as low as $125.

IT Training is now viewed as an integral part of corporate training. It is often administered through online classrooms, with a leader mediating the training of the students who are in a number of remote locations. These students can interact with each other at a level similar to being in a physical classroom. It is vital that employees are current and up to date with computer software technology, and these forms of training programs can save large amounts of money on travel expenses.

Each topic of study is designed differently to suite the specific field. Computer and Computer Software training are both typically designed to be affordable and easy for students to learn from home in a self-study format. The majority of these training programs offer technical and instructional support through email or a 24 hr call center. Corporate training usually is far more involved and will require the student
to partake in a series of modules over the course’s content. Managerial training programs are designed to aid an employee’s “already highly trained” skill set. They are often referred to a management development  because of this.

IT management Training is typically distilled into hour or hour and a half long training modules with a certain number of lessons depending on the subject of training. These lessons are generally  presented as two different forms of content; the first is directed at complete novices, and the second is aimed at building an already established skill base. The length of each class depends on the difficulty of the content.

For IT Professionals, the best method of training is online. This is due to the ease of accessing different courses, the hands on nature of the courses through exercises, and the level of professional help offered in every subject. IT project management training, however, is not only offered remotely but also on site through large management training companies. Management and leadership training, in general, should be designed so that it can easily adapt to changing market demands. New problems and challenges are presented to leaders everyday, and employees should be optimally trained to help resolve these issues.

Of course, the optimal way for organizations to introduce such learning systems into their company learning infrastructure is to seek out the top systems in the field. On your search, be sure to ask for demos and free trials, if available,  as that will allow you and your employees the chance to experiment and see if it will suit your business needs. For example, the eLeaP™ Learning Management System offers a 30- day trial at no cost, which is perfect for organizations seeking to test the product. With rich and powerful features, along with an on-demand, secure and reliable e- learning platform, eLeaP™ gives  you the chance to test drive their high class e- learning system with your employees.

Business Training is essential for every company and every employee. For a company, it provides them with a competitive, skilled and efficient workforce which will allow it to succeed in an aggressive corporate world. For an employee, it will allow them to reach their full potential and be able to maximize their abilities. It is, therefore, a worthwhile investment for both the company and the employee to engage in business training.

Due to the rise of the internet, and the corporate world’s reliance on computers, a well developed understanding and knowledge of computers and computer software is vital for any employee or corporate agent. A company cannot be competitive in today’s corporate world without a well developed computer software system. Therefore, IT training is more than a worthwhile investment for both the employee and the company.

Training employees is never easy. Most companies consider their HR and Training Departments as cost centers instead of revenue generators. If you are tasked with training employees, the challenge can be daunting.

That is until eLeaP came along. Using eLeaP Training software system, you can easily take charge of how your employee training program is designed. Since the system is so cost effective, management would applaud your efforts to use a cost effective training solution to create, manage and track your training program.

Each day, we get 100’s of requests on how to create employee training courses and e-learning from HR directors, Company CEO’s, and leaders of organizations. The quick answer is the eLeaP system. The eLeaP Employee training e-Learning Systems and e-Learning Management System is designed to make creating online employee e-learning and training easy and simple.

1. Create your online training (using the easy eLeaP™ web editor)
2. Deploy or assign your online courses in whatever format
3. Track and build interactivity

Contact eLeaP to discuss your training needs or even custom requirements you might want to accomplish. We try to be as flexible as possible. Call us 1-877-624-7226 or email

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