EHS Learning Management System

Environmental Health & Safety Training Made Easy

eLeaP offers a wide range of features for safety managers and Environment Health & Safety professionals. It’s a simple, sophisticated system to deliver and track all kinds of training and content. It’s web-based, so your team can take full advantage of its automatic notifications, reporting, add-ons, and more, all wrapped up in an interface so easy to use that you can do everything from your mobile device.

Compliance Tracking

  • Quickly deploy compliance courses in environment, health and safety. You can add your own content or use ours.
  • Include testing and assessments to ensure comprehension and document compliance of your critical training requirements.
  • Don’t get audited! But if you do, rely on eLeaP’s extensive reporting to prove your training records.

Content Creation

  • While others will force you to jump through hoops, eLeaP is easy and sophisticated to turn any training into a fun and engaging experience.
  • Upload PowerPoints, Videos, Word, PDF, SCORM or any other format of file into your account.
  • Collaborate with others to create content or add managers to get their own department reports.

Reports Galore

  • View online reports 24/7.
  • Download Event Completion reports into Excel.
  • Assign managers and supervisors to get their own reports

How eLeaP Works for Environmental Health & Safety Training