Each year, two million people become victims of workplace violence. These violent incidents can not only cause physical damage, but psychological trauma as well. To prevent violence in the workplace, all employees need to do their part. This online training course covers how to prevent and report workplace violence.

In this course, employees will learn what behaviors the Department of Labor defines as workplace violence. The behaviors range from bullying and intimidation to physical violence and threatening to hurt others. As part of an organization, viewers learn they have a responsibility to report violent conduct to management, human resources, and security. This course discusses the warning signs to look out for in co-workers, or in people visiting the worksite. Viewers also learn what they can to do prevent, report, and confront violent incidents.

After taking this training, workers will know what to look for and how to react to workplace violence. By using a combination of awareness and prevention, employees could help save lives and keep their workplace safe.