NASCAR is the fastest growing spectator sport in the world, but in order to win a race, it takes more than just cars and drivers. It takes teams of pit crew professionals working quickly and effectively in order to get their machines back on the track and racing. At this pit crew challenge, corporate managers and other professionals have come to learn the dynamics of a high-performing team. Through this event, these individuals understand how clarity, focus, collaboration, and other elements come together in order to make a successful team. Through this Video On Demand training, you too will learn about these traits in order to make your own team perform to the best of their abilities.

When teams reflect on the skills learned in this pit crew challenge they realize what they learned here is translatable into their office environments. They learn how to become better leaders, as well as how to maximize their team’s potential and play to each individual’s strengths.

Even if you do not attend an actual pit crew challenge, you can still take the lessons and traits learned from it into your work. Utilize the information presented here and make your team the best it can be.