When conducting remote training, you can adopt certain practices and procedures used during in-person training. However, remote training sessions have specific areas that require special attention. This course provides guidance to make your remote training sessions more successful and engaging.

Regardless of the platform you use for your training sessions, you should become acquainted with its features so you can maximize your effectiveness during training. This course details the things you need to prepare before your session. Learn how long to make sessions and how to make them more engaging with the use of images and video clips. Remember, training sessions should not be a lecture. Ask questions and make the session interactive. Include activities, polls, and breakout sessions.

With the increase of remote work, virtual training sessions have an increased importance. Regardless of your role or position, you may find yourself leading such a session and, as a result, you must be able to maximize its effectiveness. Utilize the information provided in this training course and ensure your participants get the most out of your remote training sessions.