Our workplaces are full of hazards, including the risk of suffering a back injury due to improper lifting or poor posture. Simply using the proper lifting techniques and maintaining neutral posture can prevent these injuries. Back injuries can be debilitating and the techniques needed to avoid the injuries are simple. This course demonstrates safe lifting practices to prevent back injuries.

Standing or sitting for extended periods of time, overreaching, trying to lift too much, and using improper posture are but some of the ways we can injure our backs. Preventing these injuries begins with an understanding of how the back works and how those injuries can occur. This course begins with an explanation of how the spine functions, and how certain improper actions and movements cause extreme stress on the spine, which may in turn lead to injuries. Some of these injuries, such as a herniated disc, can be serious and life-altering. This training course demonstrates proper lifting techniques and posture, as well as what to do if one experiences back pain.

Utilize the materials presented here and learn how to avoid potentially serious injuries to your back.