Machine operators who try to “cheat, defeat, or override” safety guards and practices put themselves at risk of injury and even death. This safety training course teaches the importance of using machine guarding and safety devices, as well as following safe handling practices.

This course points out machine and equipment hazards. The point of operation, which is where the machine performs its work such as cutting, drilling, bending, and punching, is a major hazard. Contact with the point of operation can cause extreme injury and should be avoided. Power sources are another potential hazard. Operators must be protected from exposure to electrically energized parts and released pressure. Moving parts such as feed mechanisms, conveyors, belts, and chains, as well as flying debris, falling objects, and sparks are also hazardous.

Viewers learn the importance of safe work practices such as training, staying focused, and using personal protective equipment (PPE). Watch this safety training course to learn how to work more safely with machinery.