When vast numbers of employees of different generations work together, it creates a unique set of challenges for companies. Those in different generations may approach conflict in different ways, or have certain ideas of individuals not in their generation. Of course, each generation brings its own set of skills to the equation, and the challenge is how to best take advantage of those assets. This training course provides you with the necessary guidance to fully leverage the power of generations in your workplace.

Awareness and collaboration is power. Baby boomers are working longer in an ever-changing world, and they have a wide range of experiences to utilize. Millennials bring skills to the workplace that have never been seen before and are keenly able to adapt to their technological environment. If these generations, and others, worked together, it would create a powerful and dynamic workplace. Of course, inherent differences and even stereotypes, such as baby-boomers being too resistant to change and millennials being too independent and selfish, can inhibit this collaboration. It is important not to focus on these differences, and instead focus on our common goals. When this happens, differences can be bridged and each generation’s power can be harnessed.

Of course, an ever-evolving workplace inevitably means you will be confronted with change. Change is not our natural impulse, and many people even fear it. By embracing change, you can learn from it and understand where you must go to create an effective and powerful workplace. This course helps you address the different generations, learning from them, understanding them, and making them work together harmoniously. Today’s workplace is truly a powerful opportunity, one that you will be able to realize through the materials presented here.