Hazardous materials are used every day as part of normal operations in business and industry. While these substances are essential to getting the job done, they can be hazardous, and cause serious damage to facilities, people and the environment if they are not handled correctly. HAZMAT container labels help to reduce these hazards by communicating important information about these substances to the people who work with them. Labels on hazardous materials help people recognize how to safely handle, store and transport the materials. This video training explores the different ways hazardous materials are labeled.

This video training educates viewers about the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) created by the United Nations to have a standardized universal system for labeling hazardous materials. Viewers learn to use the labels to handle hazardous materials safely. Some of the different labelling systems described include GHS labels, DOT hazard class labels, HMIS labels, NFPA labels, and hazardous waste labels.

Use this video to teach viewers how to properly use hazardous materials labels in order to work safely with hazardous materials.