Hazardous materials (HazMats) can be found in nearly every work environment, including those in the hospitality industry. While hazardous materials are critical to many jobs, they can pose serious health hazards if one is exposed to them in an unsafe way. This training focuses on how to establish safe work practices compliant with OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard.

This course starts by explaining the different sources of HazMat information, including the systems for labeling chemicals and Safety Data Sheets. Accidents can still happen, even with the safety procedures set in place. So, this training demonstrates how to handle these based on the type of hazardous material and whether the exposure involved skin contact, ingestion, or inhaling the materials. Using the correct type of PPE and storing hazardous chemicals correctly is also important for protecting workers and this course explores both topics.

Use this course to prepare your hospitality workers to safely work with and around hazardous chemicals.