Hazardous materials are used to do a lot of good things, including helping to keep instruments and equipment sanitized and patient rooms clean, however that does not make them safe. This video training explores the hazardous communication standard in relation to healthcare environments and the safe work practices everyone must follow when working with or around hazardous chemicals.

OSHA established the Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom Standard) to help workers understand the hazardous materials they may find in their workplace. This video training educates viewers about safety data sheets, HazMat container labels, and a company’s written hazard communication program. This training explores different types of hazardous materials and the corresponding personal protective equipment (PPE). Viewers learn how to prevent exposure to hazardous materials in a healthcare facility.

Employees who know how to properly work around hazardous materials improve the safety of all workers. Use this video to educate employees about staying compliant with the Hazard Communication Standard and staying safe while working with hazardous chemicals.