Harassment causes a myriad of workplace issues including absenteeism, employee turnover, depression, illness, embarrassment and humiliation. Managers are an organization’s most effective resource to combat harassment. This training focuses on different types of harassment and a manager’s role in preventing harassment in the workplace.

All types of harassment are unacceptable. This course explains the different types of harassment. For example, Quid Pro Quo is a serious offense. Managers must take on the role of defending their employees in these circumstances. Managers having a strong presence in the workplace can help prevent harassment. Managers should encourage employees to know the harassment policies and report any that may come up. This course details how managers should handle any report of harassment, particularly because confidentiality is important when receiving these complaints. Giving employees lesser work or punishments for reporting harassment is not acceptable.

Managers are to uphold the example, as well as the protection of their employees. Use this course to prepare managers to understand the importance of their role in harassment prevention at work.