Individuals with a strong emotional intelligence (EQ) are more successful personally and professionally. This training course teaches the four elements of emotional intelligence and strategies to develop them.

The foundations of emotional intelligence are the following: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Self-awareness and self-management are considered personal competence skills, and social awareness and relationship management are considered social competence skills.

One of the strategies for developing self-awareness is simply by noticing one’s emotions throughout the day. Another strategy is to write down the events of each day, the emotions they caused, and how those emotions were dealt with. Self-management can be practiced by not immediately reacting to emotions. Viewers are shown methods to help them to delay and choose their reactions. This course also teaches strategies for developing the social competence skills and shows the positive effect they have in the workplace.

Complete this training course to learn how emotional intelligence can be strengthened and applied at work.