A second is all it takes for a motor vehicle accident to occur. With 40,000 people killed each year in traffic accidents, and another 3 million people injured, driving is a much more dangerous activity than is commonly believed. Watch this video and get the firsthand stories of three drivers whose momentary distractions had real consequences– a lost bonus, a lost job and a lost life. See how external, internal and interior distractions prevent drivers from paying attention, moving with caution and keeping a safe distance.

Road warriors know it’s easy to become distracted. The external scenery changes all the time, and unusual happenings can cause inattention. Eating and drinking behind the wheel are the third most common activities while driving, but pose a real threat to everyone on the road. Interior items, such as GPS devices, work orders, clipboards, cell phones, on-board computers and instrument panels also vie for drivers’ attention.

This video presents compelling stories that stay with the viewer and will remind every driver of the consequences a momentary distraction can cause. Anyone who drives a vehicle for your company should view this video, no matter how long they have been on the road, or how safe their driving record has been. Use this video to remind drivers of the importance of safe driving practices and giving driving one’s full, undivided attention.