Distracted driving compromises personal safety. From vehicle damage, to bodily injury, the costs of motor vehicle accidents are vast. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), an accident resulting in only a minor injury costs approximately $5,000 while those resulting in a severe injury cost nearly $500,000. Accidents can be prevented when drivers minimize their distractions.

If your employees operate a company-owned vehicle or regularly commute on behalf of your company, this training course provides a great value. Participants gain an understanding of the risks of distracted driving and learn skills to minimize distractions. Even stopping yourself from a one or two second distraction is imperative, when the recommended safe driving distance only allows a driver four seconds to stop.

It is a driver’s responsibility to be ready to respond to all situations. Don’t send your employees out on “auto-pilot;” prepare them to be focused and safe drivers. It will save you comprehensive costs, time, and most importantly it could save lives.