This is the second part in the five-part “Creating a Mindset for Change” series of training videos. All five parts are intended to be taken sequentially at one or two week intervals to complete the program.

In the first part, you learned the importance of changing your mindset from focusing on the negative to the positive, as well as why you are predisposed to fear-based thinking. This second portion of the course demonstrates how to override fear-based thinking with several examples of how managing moments can help you yield the results you want.

What do you want in the short term, or in the long term, and how do you control the moments that will get you there? You must always think of what you want in each moment, whether it is a meeting, conversation, an e-mail, or some other event or interaction. Defining what you want leads to more than just getting what you want: it helps you become more creative, agile, and change-adaptive. These attributes mark the most successful individuals, and represent qualities highly-valued by the most successful organizations.

Gain more knowledge and skills regarding the elements of creating your new positive mindset through the remaining four parts in this five-part video series.