The training room is the first experience participants have of an instructor-led training session. In this online course, trainers learn the important elements of a training venue, the factors affecting participants’ comfort, some different room designs and layouts, and how to provide a safe learning environment.

This course discusses how trainers can get the most out of the training space or room. Trainers should consider the room size, if multiple rooms are needed, and the furniture. Some factors affecting the participants’ comfort should also be analyzed. Some of these factors include natural light, noise, and temperature. The shape of the room layout helps drive the type of learning for the training. For example, you would not want to set up the room in a lecture style for an interactive, collaborative class. Lastly, providing a safe learning environment takes planning. Your trainers learn to lead with positivity, build trust, and facilitate the sharing of ideas in class. They will learn how to establish an emotionally safe and friendly learning environment for their participants.

Also included in this training is a workbook with planning questions to get your trainers started on building a design plan for their classroom. By using both the workbook and the online module, this training course helps trainers create a safe, comfortable, and positive training environment.