Working in confined spaces is hazardous. OSHA 1910.146 (b) defines a confined space as “Any area that isn’t designed for continuous occupancy that is large enough for an employee to enter and perform work and there is limited or restricted means for entry and exit.” This safety training course explains how to control the hazards of working in confined spaces by following proper confined space entry procedures.

To protect workers from the dangers of confined spaces, OSHA created regulation 1910.146 which requires the evaluation and categorizations of confined spaces in a workplace, based on non-permit required or permit required confined spaces. Viewers learn an entry permit system documents the control of hazards. It requires the names of personnel authorized to enter, the entry supervisor, potential hazards, atmospheric test results, and a rescue plan. The permit also lists any equipment needed such as PPE, communication equipment, and alarm systems. This course also explains atmospheric, mechanical, and engulfment hazards that may be present in confined spaces.

Watch this training course to learn how to work more safely in confined spaces.