Many of us are required to work at a computer for extended periods of time, however it’s probably safe to say few of us really consider the ramifications of a poorly configured computer workstation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these types of injuries account for around one-third of days-away-from-work cases. Statistics from OSHA reveal related workers’ compensation expenses cost businesses $15 to $20 billion each year. This is an expensive and completely avoidable problem.

Luckily, if employees know the types of physical problems their computers can cause, they can prevent them from occurring. This course demonstrates how to properly arrange your workstation and position your equipment. The course continues to show learners how to reduce eyestrain and follow stretching and relaxing exercises.

Utilize this course among anyone at your organization whose work largely requires them to sit at a computer for long periods of time throughout the day to help them reduce the physical and mental fatigue caused from working at a computer.