How many customers has your business lost due to disappointing customer service? Most customers stop doing business with a company because the company made it too hard to have their needs met. This video training explains the four simple keys to providing excellent customer service.

Viewers learn how properly acknowledging customers, observing them, listening to them and taking the right action to meet their needs keeps customers loyal to your company. This training uses video vignettes to show bad and good examples of customer service.

This training is appropriate for anyone who interacts with customers. A quiz at the conclusion of the video ensures viewers have understood the main points of the training.

Poor customer service leads to customers finding another place to do business, and great customer service builds a loyal customer base. There are four keys to building great rapport with customers that, when used in combination, help ensures your customers will continue to support your business.

This training course uses various customer service scenarios to explain the four concepts in action. This video training is appropriate for all people who interact with customers, whether they are in retail, sales, or customer support. The video emphasizes how providing service that requires minimal effort from your customers keeps your customers coming back, and may even result in them spreading the word about your great service.